Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kitty Approaching

I love taking pictures of my cats, but since our living room doesn't have that much available light due to heavy curtains, I always have to turn on the flash if I wanted to have a clear, good picture of them.

When I saw my cat Oreo lying on my mattress and looked really cute, I took my cell phone to take picture of him, but the red light from the camera disturbed him and he just walked over to check it out. My cell phone's camera will automatically take a picture if I would press the middle button long enough, so even if I am seeing the cat approaching, the camera would take the shot anyway, so I just held on to it 'til the flash fires off. The result was this picture:

231/365 c2 - Kitty Approaching

Overexposed due to the flash, but still cute if you ask me. Well, that's my cat... he will always be adorable for me.

*** Jenn ***