Friday, September 10, 2010

The Sunset Tradition

Since La Union is located at the west part of the country and that our house there is just walking distance to this beach, it has been a tradition for us siblings to go to the beach and watch the sunset at least once during our stay.

On the second day of our vacation there last October, my sister and I decided to check the sunset since we didn't do anything that time. I wanted my sister to model for me, but this part of the beach had a fishing village, so there were some people who could actually see us. We just enjoyed the view, took some pictures and walked back home.

I set my camera to tungsten white balance on this one, hence the bluish skies. In a way, I wanted to single out the sun and not blend in the orange hues of the skies and I think I just got what I wanted. That's my sister in the picture, by the way.

Happy weekends, all!

*** Jenn ***

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Bill S. said...

Beautifully composed picture. I love the colors.