Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Street Food

This week's theme is: Night. I am actually a morning person, and it's seldom for me to go out at night, but here is a picture I took one nighttime last week:

Street Food

Taken while inside the bus while the family travels home from Mom's Birthday Celebration, this row of street food carts where located at the Regalado Avenue side of SM City Fairview. People going to North Caloocan and Bulacan wait here for their ride home (using public transportation). These carts would start selling mid afternoon, but it was much popular during night time, because they cater to people who are going home from a long day at work. Whenever I pass by this side, I am very interested at how each of them devour to the different street foods offered: coated chicken and quail eggs, banana-cues, siomai, fishballs, orlians, and squid balls. Some even go exotic and would eat fried one day old chicks, or those skewered beef internals. Should one get thirsty, there are drinks available - from bottled waters and juices, to the "samalamig."

Whenever I go to SM City Fairview, this is where I get a jeep ride home. However, I still haven't tried eating the street foods from this place because I would normally eat at the mall, and got no reason to still taste the street foods. I do eat some of the street foods, but the one day old chick and the fried beef internals are just two I won't try.

*** Jenn ***