Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Santa House Star Lantern

Well, it's the Christmas season... so obviously my posts for Ruby Tuesday until the end of the month, or possibly until the first week of January (because Christmas season ends on the first Sunday of January here in the Philippines) are connected to Christmas.

When I went to buy some food items to take home from Iloilo during my recent travel, the store didn't have much decorations, but they were playing Christmas tunes and on one corner of the store was a Christmas Village. I love looking at Christmas villages, because I know each piece has to be bought, and the village is somewhat up to the creator's imagination.

It wasn't the most beautiful Christmas village I have seen, but it was really pretty. Actually, even if the store crew has already packed the goods I bought, I stayed in the store for a few more minutes because I was watching the figures dance and yes, I also took pictures.

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