Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Week 10

My take for this week is a combination of new and old photos, because I wasn't able to go out and hunt for the items.


01 - Christmas Colors
08 December 2010
{Sony Ericsson K800i}

Red, green, yellow, blue, silver, white. When I saw this hanging on our neighbor's front door I immediately snapped a picture of it. Instead of putting wreath, they decided to go for this - a modern take on the Holy Family, which has been their Christmas decoration for many years now.

Santa's Feast

02 - Winter / Holiday Icon
05 December 2010
{Sony Ericsson K800i}

Something I took from the marketplace along Dapitan Steet in Manila City. This place sells a whole lot of Santa Claus figurines - small, big, classic and modern. I particularly liked this one because normally the figures where solo and this was the only one with Santa being part of a group.


03 - A Tree
American Cemetery
18 November 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

K and I were just supposed to take pictures here, but an American staff saw us and toured us around. While he was looking for the grave of the only Englishman buried in the cemetery (upon knowing K is from England), I saw this nearly bald tree, and I thought I'd snap a pic of it. :)

Good Morning, PG!

04 - A Quiet Time
Talipanan Beach - Puerto Galera
20 November 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

I am a morning person. Whenever I go out of town, aside from asking where the Catholic church is, I would ask (or find out for myself) if the place would either give me a good sunset or sunrise. Knowing the sun set at the other side of the island, I woke up early enough for me to see the sunrise. Well, this beach didn't give me a good sunrise either, but seeing the skies turn from black to indigo to pink until the whole sky lit up was just perfect.

I was the only person in the resort awake that time, and the quiet time allowed me to contemplate and whisper a gratitude for being blessed.

OhBee Ring

05 - Favorite Color
12 December 2010
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Purple (all shades of it except the ones leaning towards red) is my favorite color. It's something I got from mom; when I was younger I would call my mom weird for liking purple, but as I age I started loving the color.

Last weekend, I got to buy a purple dress, which will be my Christmas outfit, and since I am quite the monochromatic girl, I also bought a bottle of purple nail polish, and this morning, when I went back to the weekend market (with mom and my friend Ria), I looked for an accessory that would complete the outfit. I saw this ring and instantly bought it. It was initially p100 (a little over 2usd), but my mom haggled with the seller, and in the end I got it for p85. I really should learn how to haggle. :)

The last image was taken by my new camera, which I bought this morning as well... so for sure my take on next week's themes will be taken by my new baby. See you then!

*** Jenn ***