Sunday, December 05, 2010

Red / Pink Poinsettia

I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so my post for today will link to two blogs - Macro Flowers Saturday and SOOC Sunday.

Red / Pink Poinsettia

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 2

My friend Ria and I have already talked about going to the weekend market today, so even if there was a problem with the traffic, and we found ourselves stuck in traffic, we still pushed through with it. I was excited about this because my cousin is vacationing here in our house, and I would like to show her different places in the Metro before she travel back to La Union tomorrow.

When we got to the weekend market, we were greeted with so many poinsettias - a prominent flower during the Christmas season. From what I know, the flowers of the poinsettia is actually the small yellow ones in the middle, not the leaf like reddish things, because it is actually the leaves, which changes in colors.

Red is one of the well known color, but now, farmers (or horticulturist, if I can call them that) are able to come up with with different colors and patterns - there's now the pink, yellow, white, white with red, and this one, red with pink.

I took this picture using my cell phone. Pretty impressive, eh?

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