Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nail Lacquer

OPI Nail Lacquer

I blogged about a food picture, so my share for SOOC Sunday is something I took from the same folder.

My sister went for a pedicure and while waiting for her, I entertained myself by reading magazines and taking pictures. When the staff handed her the basket of nail polish and my sister made her choice, I asked if I could have the basket so I could take pictures of it as part of my "documentation."

There were three divisions in the basket - one for Orly nail polish, the other for locally manufactured nail polish, and the other one for OPI. I lined up for from each division, and I was happy about this shot - the one I did for Orly wasn't as good as this.

As always, I set my camera to macro and I used the "center weighted average" for the focusing. I was glad it blurred the fore and back grounds, making one of the bottles sharp.

*** Jenn ***