Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to Basics | Points (Clouds)

After a few weeks of break, my friend Nathalie's meme is now back (with a new name, too). She posted the prompt two Saturdays ago, but the linky for this one opened last weekend. Since I also join Black and White Wednesdays, I'd post my take on the prompts every Wednesday.

Today it's about the clouds. When I read the prompt, I doubted if I could produce an image (image has to be taken specifically for the meme) because rains were nonstop that time, and even on days when it wasn't really raining, the skies were covered up with clouds that it looked so impossible to do this. Good thing, while putting out the clothes I washed, I was able to see some textures in the sky, and thinking I should use this chance for it might rain again, I took my picture.

Art of Composition - Clouds

I could almost just take a picture of the clouds, but the sample image on Nathalie's blog illustrates the relationship of objects with clouds, so I decided to include part of the television antenna as well. This is the SOOC shot, but of course I used GIMP to scale the image to 640x480px and add my name stamp.

Technical Aspects:
Camera: Canon Powershot SX130is
Date / Time: 04 August 2011 / 12:18
Mode: Shutter Priority
Shutter Speed: 1/1000
Apperture: F5.6
ISO: 80
Exposure: +/-0

Taking pictures of the sky during day time in black and white has to have good clouds, in my opinion. With the clouds and the sky having almost the same colors, making the clouds stand out will depend on the amount of light giving it form.

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