Monday, August 08, 2011

Quotography | Anything

Me waking up as early as 5:30am, doing exercises, cutting down the food intake makes me tired and sleepy early at night, so since Quotography's prompt is "anything," I decided to use a picture I initially posted on my Food Blog, I Live to Eat! for the "Food Quote" meme.

The picture may not be that pretty - I took this when I got home from a trip and realized I still haven't taken my "Photo for the Day" yet - but the quote I found online was something all of us can relate to. Even if we are nice, friendly, and all... fact still remains that we can't please everybody and at times, people who are seemed nice were the ones being bullied by people. No one is bullying me at the moment (thank heavens), but I do know there are some people around me who doesn't like me. That's a reality of our lives, we may or may not know it, but there are people are just can't like us no matter what we do.

Let this quote by David Gerold be a piece of advice. Let's just live our lives the way we want it to, and let's just enjoy the show. :)

Quotography at {My}Perspective