Thursday, August 04, 2011

Shoot and Edit | Sunset (Edit)

Sharing my SOOC image first before I talk about my edit:

Sunset in Coron

To know more about this picture, please click HERE.

I am not feeling good at the moment - woke up with aching body because I started exercising again last Monday, and me cleaning the house the whole morning added more to the strain, so I decided to go for a quick and easy edit:

Coron Sunset Edited

To make this, I...
  • Took out the boat on the left part of the image using the clone and heal tool.
  • Rotated the image 1.4 degrees to the left to straighten the horizon.
  • Scaled image to 670 on the longer end, then made a rectangle crop at 640x480px.
  • Ran the VanGogh (LIC) script, set to default.
  • Ran the National Geographic script, set to my own preference.
  • Ran the Manny Librodo sharpening script, set to my own preference.
  • Added my namestamp, flattened, and saved the image.

Like the comments I received on the SOOC shot, I, too, feel the image was okay as is, but then again, when I took this, I was really taking advantage of time I had... the boat we were on was so near the port, and I knew by the time we reach the port, we would quickly disembark. I wasn't minding the surroundings anymore, I was more into capturing the sunset, and sadly the boat on the left side wasn't framed good, so I had to take it out.

Come to think of it, this image with just one boat made it more dramatic.