Monday, August 22, 2011

Shadows (SOOC)

It's nice to be back sharing images for Shoot & Edit (Good to WOW), and although I might not be able to link up on Thursday because I will be traveling out of town and I won't be bringing my net book, I'd still share my images. :)

Shadow SOOC

This week is about "Shadows," and the first image that came to mind was this picture of my sister and I taken last February. That time, we were very enthusiastic to walk more or less a kilometer going to Colinas Verdes where we would jog for about an hour.

I took this on our way home. I noticed our shadows and I asked her to stop a bit and asked her a favor if we could form a heart - I was thinking if this is possible as I want to take a similar shot of my brother and his gf given the chance. It was difficult to take this shot as I create the other half of the heart while trying to take the picture, good thing my cell phone was handy enough to make this shot.