Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crack Me Up

* please mouse over to see the SOOC shot *

Better late than never for my Texture Tuesdays post; I was busy preparing my stuff as I will be traveling tomorrow morning. Anyway, for the "Back to School" edition of Texture Tuesdays, I decided to use an old picture, which I might have shared on this blog sometime ago, but since it's been eons since I left school, and no one in the family are going to school, this was probably the only picture I have that is related to "schooling."

When I was still a student, I do love to snack on chips and cracker nuts while reading my notes or doing my homework. I guess that would also one of the reasons why I couldn't lose weight while I was still at school. Hahahaha.

Processing the picture, I did:
  • Desaturated image (choosing "Average" on GIMP)
  • Applied a layer of Kim Klassen's "just stitched" texture, set to soft light at 35%
  • Erased parts of the texture in the bowl of cracker nuts
  • Applied a layer of Kim Klassen's "sweettart" texture, set to overlay at 100%
  • Ran the Split Tone script
  • Ran the Unsharp Mask tool set to 0.17
  • Flattened and saved image

ps - I am supposed to do Nathalie's Back to Basics meme, but because it's raining here every afternoon, I wasn't able to see "birds on the ground."

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