Monday, August 01, 2011

Shoot and Edit | "Sunset" (SOOC)

I wasn't able to join last week because I don't have any "laughter" picture, but since I have a picture for this week's prompt, I am happy to be back. :)

Sunset in Coron

This week is all about sunset, and here I am sharing another old picture. I took this while traveling in Coron (Palawan) with some great people I met at an online forum. Nearing the end of our two-day island hopping, it was time for us to disembark the boat, get back to the lodge where we stayed the first night, and catch the ship that would take us back to Manila. I admit I do love the sunrise more (as I don't get to see it often), and seeing the sunrise in Coron that day, and taking this sunset picture was like receiving two blessings from the heaven.

I do love the warm tones of this picture and how the sunlight made the islands visible through its degree of darkness. Nothing much to change in this image, we'll see what I will come up with on Thursday.

*** Jenn ***