Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Texture Tuesdays | The Little Things Edition

Mold - SOOC

I discovered my love for photography when I took my very first macro shot using my cell phone's camera. Although not a very pretty picture, I will be grateful for that discovery. Truly, many great things start from its humble beginnings.

When I bought this new camera, one of the things I considered was its macro function. This camera, though not so good when used in low-lit environments, I do love its macro function. The way it magnifies the little things made me feel child-like at times. :)

This picture above I took a few days ago, while watering my tomato and bell pepper plants. My sister's basil plant has been left in the rain for how many days and it melted. She still hasn't done anything with it... and this day I noticed its main stem had molds. It was way too little for my point and shoot camera to handle, but somehow I liked the outcome.

Mold - Texturized

Applying textures, I came up with this.
  • I scaled the original image to 850px (longer end), then made a rectangular selection to 640x480 then cropped the image.
  • Applied a layer of Kim Klassen's "Scratched Magic July" texture, set to difference at 100%.
  • Applied a layer of Kim Klassen's "Sweettart" texture, set to soft light at 20%.
  • Ran the National Geographic script.

Very easy edit for this day, I know. :)