Thursday, August 18, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 14

I missed two weeks of "Edit Me!" because of certain life events. Happy to be back :)

Edit Me! Week 14 - Photo by Amy

This SOOC image is provided by Amy of Mimibeth Photography. One of the things I love about Edit Me! is that the SOOC images are so pretty, it makes editing quite difficult. :)

Edit Me! Week 14 - Mute Sepia Edit

I hoped to download a digital frame to add a little embellishment, but the one I downloaded will make the edited image look smaller, so I ditched the frame and just stayed with the image. Another simple edit for me, and here were the steps I made:
  • Scaled image to 640x480.
  • Ran the mute colors script, choosing the "desaturated overlay" in the selection.
  • Added a layer of the "crumpled paper" texture set to soft light at 100%.
  • Ran the Manny Librodo sharpening script.
  • Ran the Burn tool set to shadow at 40%.
  • Added my name stamp and flattened the image.
It's so great to edit pictures again. I surely missed doing this. :)

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