Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Game of Spot the Birdie

I started my day yesterday with the tiring task of doing the laundry. With the summer heat enough to make one tired even without moving, hearing the birds tweet and chirp gave me the opportunity to relax and be still for a while.
Textured with A Rural Journal's "Painted Sky No. 2"

I used to wonder why the birds don't get electrocuted, but I heard (through the old TV Show, "Beakman's World") that there's something about their feet which allows them to sit on high-tension wires.

Where's Birdie?

Ready for another game of spot the birdie? I heard this one call on other birds, but because the tree was too high, this was the maximum zoom I could do, because if I still zoom on it more, it would look pixelated already.

I might be facing tiring chore yesterday, but thanks to these birdies, I was able to enjoy Mother Nature's gifts. Happiness do come in small packages...

....coupled with big zooms. :)

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