Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spot the Birdie

I usually walk and jog alone, so aside from my water bottle, I always carry my cell phone or my camera (or both) to be my companion. It not only allows me to sit and rest for a bit, but it also allows me to discover many things.

My focus while walking is the path ahead of me, but I am also focused on capturing images of random interesting stuff, so not only were my eyes open, my ears are very open, too! I sometimes I amaze myself by seeing little creatures on the grass, or spotting an interesting grass formation... but the one thing that amazes me the most was whenever I get to spot some very fickle birdies.

Spot the Birdie

I can hear them tweet, I sometimes see them fly right in front of me, but because they're quite sensitive, photographing them can be very difficult. What's annoying was that whenever I take just the cell phone (which only has digital zoom - and we all know how awful digital zoom can be), a very big, unique bird would just be there waiting for someone to notice it, but whenever I decide to take my camera, there wasn't one single birdie to take a picture of.

On this day, I got lucky. I saw some movements in the grass, and I knew I just have to find the bird. With many tall grasses and bright sunlight, it was difficult... but there it was, and I am one happy girl. :)

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