Sunday, March 10, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 031013

When I started posting here again, I was very eager to hunt pictures once more. However, I always tend to forget the prompts until Saturday of each week, and I found it was too late to hunt for pictures. Last week, I was able to hunt all images, but I got home Wednesday, so even if I posted my entry, the linky wasn't open anymore. :) This week, I am pleased to be back.

Before I share my images, I was surprised to know that the last Scavenger Hunt Sunday post I made was 23 October 2011. Whoa, more than a year ago?!? Seriously?!?

My pictures this week:

Daddy's 6th Death Anniversary

05 March 2013
Canon Powershot SX130is

Day #5 of March is a day of mourning and celebration for us in the family. Mourning the loss of the family's main man (dad), but also celebrating the day he finally broke free from pain and struggles by re-joining the Lord. This year, the whole family was there to light a candle on his grave as well as say some prayers.

Thank You, Jollibee

Word of the Day
08 March 2013
Canon Powershot SX130is

I was thinking hard how to interpret this prompt... should I go and open the bible to read today's word, should I go out and look for some inspirational quotes and statements? My questions were answered when awesome, nice people from Jollibee came to our house to deliver a bucket of Tuna Pie last Friday. Word for the day was "Lent," and this delivery reminded me that I always forget to go meat-less (no pork, chicken, or beef) during Fridays while it is Lent.

Olives Restaurant - Thunderbird Resorts

04 March 2013
Canon Powershot SX130is

It was still early to check the sunset from the boardwalk of Thunderbird Resorts, so we decided to enter Olives Restaurant for some snacks. The menu offers "appetizer" and "full" servings of pasta, and thinking we were just there for snacks as we also planned to eat dinner elsewhere, we went for the "appetizer" sizes. Telling the wait staff our orders, she even asked us to confirm if we would want the "good for one" sizes. When the food was served, we were surprised to see it wasn't good for one at all, but good enough for sharing. Mom gave brother half her pasta serving (as brother only went for a slice of chocolate cake for his snacks), but all of us were quite full after that, that we decided not to eat dinner anymore.

In case you wanna know, I had the Seafood Alfredo, which has scallops, salmon, cream dory, and shrimps. Muy delicioso!

Laperal White House - Baguio

03 March 2013
Cherry Mobile Flare

Whenever I am in Baguio City and I'd travel along Leonard Wood Road, this white house never fail to capture my attention. Later I found out that this is the ever famous haunted house in Baguio City, which has been closed for quite a long time. When Lucio Tan bought it, it became open to the public, and there was even an exhibition inside (Bamboo Crafts). Thinking it would our chance to finally enter the house, the family decided to pay it a visit. We didn't see any ghosts or hear unnecessary noises (thank God), but there was this scary, big picture that truly made us wiggle in fear and laughter. Initial reaction was fear, but after the screams and the sweat beading up on the forehead, we couldn't help but laugh about how we reacted. I wanted to take a picture of that scary image, but decided not to because if I share it here or on Facebook, it would defeat the purpose of having that image inside the house. Besides, I truly couldn't give it a second glance as it might stick in my mind. 

Danish Cookies

10 March 2013
Canon Powershot SX130is

When I covered an event in SM City Baguio last 20 February, part of the goodies given to us was a tin of Danish Cookies. I took home quite a lot of food items from Baguio that time so I told the family not to open the tin of Danish Cookies and wait until we finish eating the other goodies I bought first. Well, this prompt made me open the tin, and it was just a perfect timing because we have already consumed the other pastries and cookies.

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