Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remembering Dumaguete City

Part of my personal home project this week is to print pictures taken during travels and everyday adventures to spruce up my room's very boring wall as well as to replace the pictures I posted on my closet's doors. Checking old pictures can be unexplainable - my heart is filled with happiness that I was able to visit these places, as well as longing to get back there (praying to have a chance).

In 2008, I was able to set foot in Dumaguete City. At that time, K and I were on our first holiday, and from Bohol, we took the fast craft boat to the placed dubbed as "The City of Gentle People." We arrived late afternoon, and we had two full days in the city before flying back to Manila.

The city was just small, and one can roam around in one day. We have heard and read of other beautiful places near Dumaguete, but we weren't able to check any of it, because an ex boyfriend promised to tour us around, but wasn't able to. It was the last place on our holiday (we parted ways upon arrival in Manila), making us feeling a little tired, so there weren't pictures taken.

Dumaguete Church Belfry

The very first thing we visited was the Dumaguete Church, and of course, we also took time to check the belfry as well.

Image of Virgin Mary at the Belfry

At the base of the belfry, there's an image of the Virgin Mary.

Sunrise at the Rizal Blvd.

The following morning, K and I walked to the Rizal Boulevard (also known as the boardwalk) to have our morning walk as well as to watch the sunrise. Up until now, this is still one of my favorite sunrise pictures, and I once used this as this blog's header.

Zinnia in Black and White

Walking back to the hotel, we passed by the park where I took this picture. Then, I thought this was photographed nicely... and I like to believe so (until now), although I admit I made quite a poor composition on this one, because of the leaf on the lower left corner.

Silliman University Chapel

We were lucky to enter the Silliman University. I was able to get in without any problems (makes me think I still look like a student), but because K is a foreigner, the guards asked him what his business is. Technically, anyone can enter any university, provided you leave your ID at the guard, which you can claim as you exit. Good thing K brought along his passport, so we were able to see some areas in the university. The structure in this picture is the chapel, which belongs to the Protestant church.

Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres

K and I loved seeing a lot of people at the boardwalk, so later in the afternoon, we made a stroll back there. I saw this statue somewhere along the boardwalk, and although I loved how crisp this image is, another poor composition I made for not incorporating the surrounding - maybe letting the viewers a peek of the sea.

I started taking pictures in 2007. From then 'til now, I have used a point and shoot camera, which allowed me to be a little stagnant as far as learning more knowledge and having practice is concerned. Still, comparing old pictures to the new ones, I'd like to say I have made a little improvement.

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