Monday, March 18, 2013

"We Are Young"

Song Title is this week's prompt on Quotography. On the get go, it is very obvious that I would go with a Hanson song as they are my most favorite band and they do have a lot of songs with inspirational lyrics. I wanted to go with:

"The Great Divide"
I find hope and it gives me rest | I find hope in a beating chest | I find hope in what eyes don't see | I find hope in your hate for me | Have no fear when the waters rise | We can conquer this great divide

or maybe

"Dying to be Alive"
And we all go tumbling down | No matter how strong | We all return to the ground | When the day's come, Say 'Why did I wait?' | You can't just leave your life to fate. | You've got to turn it around | Before it's too late.

However, it is difficult for me to find suitable images for these awesome words. I know there might be an image that could best represent either one of these song lyrics, but with image files dating back to 2007, I just can't go through every DVDs I have especially that I am pressed for time as I am doing assignments and have to exercise as well. I wanted to go with something easy for me, so I chose this:

"We Are Young"

Fun.'s "We Are Young," which won 2013 Grammy Awards' "Song of the Year." Lately, I have been listening to their songs over and over, and although this isn't my favorite song, just having the line "We Are Young" made me remember this picture taken during the Surf Break in 2011, with my sister and our cousin.

Actually, my final image is a product of combining two images. On the left is a picture of myself and cousin Mhai (which my sister took), and on the right is a picture of cousin Mhai and my sister (which I took). Now, I can just go ahead and use the image I took, but I felt there was a big gap between the sun and my sister, so I decided to make a selection on myself on the other image, cut it, and pasted it in the image.

Anyway, when Fun. received their Grammy trophy, lead vocals Nate Ruess said, "I don't know what was I thinking writing the chorus for this song; this is in HD, everyone can see our faces and we are not very young." Well, regardless of what our real age is (I am actually 2 years older than him), we are all young and we can be carefree at times.