Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday at the Manila Diamond Hotel

Elevators on the 27th Floor

Yesterday (Thursday, 21 March 2013), my brother and I went to the Manila Diamond Hotel for the launch of Mega Sardines - Mega Creations. The invitation stated it will start at 9am, and because we live far from the heart of the Metro, we had to leave very early so we won't be late. We arrived very early, though, and because we were already at the Pisces Hall of the hotel and I saw this view as we exited the elevators, I told brother I'd take the time to photograph the pretty decor.

That instinct to photograph the decor allowed me to see such magnificent view from the blinds:

View from the 27th Floor

View from the 27th floor. Uh-ma-zing! I took quite a lot of pictures... zooming here and there, until I remember my camera has the "miniature effect" setting, so I started playing with it and produced these pictures:

Roxas Blvd. Manila Roxas Blvd. Manila Roxas Blvd. Manila

So cute, right? The cars and the people look like toys from way up!

Reflections Reflections Reflections

These self portraits came out as a surprise. I went closer to the wall decoration and saw my reflection. Remembering this week's prompt at Photo Art Friday, I took these pictures. It really is so nice when life presents a lot of blessings and surprises.

Happy weekends, shutterbugs!