Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 102311

I wasn't able to participate the last two weeks, so before I call it a night, here are my interpretations for this week:

Keep on Learning


This came from the archives; I was browsing an old scrapbook magazine and while checking the layouts for inspiration, I got to see one page containing awesome words. I took a picture of that page, and decided to continue browsing the magazine to get some words of wisdom.

Rain From Afar


Yesterday morning, sister and I set up to walk and jog, but when we reached the marketplace, I got to see Colinas Verdes (our destination) under a dark rain cloud. Well, none of us brought an umbrella, so we decided to cut the walk and just take a different route and walk around the marketplace before going home.



Cute pumpkins (not sure what materials they used for this) I saw around the Sky Garden of SM City North Edsa. Well, the Philippines are really embrace the elaborate and well-celebrated Halloween nowadays.



Another picture from the archives, which I took earlier this month. It's not really a "fly" picture, but for sure this dove wanted to fly.

Yellow Flower

Always Look at the Bright Side

In connection to my "Under" picture, sister and I weren't able to jog at Colinas Verdes, but taking a different route sure allowed me to see other interesting subjects to take pictures of, like this flower. I always see yellow as the happiest of all colors, and even if there was a dark cloud that day, the hint of yellow, sure brought positivity it what seemingly looked as a gloomy day.