Sunday, October 24, 2010



A picture I took for the "Thirty Days of Truth" meme, it was day 4, and the topic was "something you forgive someone for." I wanted to put in a picture for the posts I made, and thinking of a suitable picture, I thought about two hands connecting. Actually, I wanted to take a picture of my mom's hand touching mine, but she was already sleeping, and I had to post the article already, so I just thought of something else.

I saw the battery-operated dolls in our cabinet, and seeing they have hands that looked similar to human hands, I just made them my subject. It wasn't an easy shoot for me - I have big fears in dolls, so I just wrapped a handkerchief on their heads as I work in taking their pictures, I don't want to end up sleepless because I was afraid of seeing their faces in my thoughts.

I took this picture with the flash on, I just lowered the exposure so that the light won't be too bright.

*** Jenn ***