Friday, October 08, 2010

Galeon Andalucia

Last week, I saw a tweet from Carlos Celdran (a very famous Manila tour guide) about a galleon docking on Philippines' shores. Knowing it would be in Manila for four days, I immediately asked my brother if he would come with me. He also had some things he wanted to do, and because the road leading to the port would pass by Sto. Domingo Church and Ma Mon Luk (a century old noodle house), we decided to do all things within one day, which was yesterday.

The galleon will only be open to the public until 4PM yesterday, and we got there around 1PM. We still had to register and get our batch sticker (they only allow a certain amount of people inside at a time), and the whole process took us more than an hour. Still, seeing the galleon was worth the wait.

It was a sunny, hot day, but while inside the galleon, the heavens dropped some rain, but it didn't last (thank you). It was a quick tour inside the galleon, but people can stay for as long as they want within the grounds. The galleon will be in Manila until Saturday (09 October) noon, then it will sail to Cebu and Bohol (where the galleon trade first started), before it leaves the country.

*** Jenn ***