Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It was through Kristi's Photo Hunt Challenges that I "met" Ashley, and ever since I checked her blog to view her takes on the photo hunts, I would hop into her blog every now and then to view her pictures. She's one great photographer, and knowing she's also hosting a blog meme, I decided to join and challenge myself.

I was supposed to join last week, but I wasn't able to take pictures of all 5 items needed to be hunted. While Ashley's not strict about the dates when the pictures were taken, I wanted to be strict to myself and hunt the items within the week. Happy was I to see all the things I needed for this week. My take on the items for this week:


01 - Pink
25th Street, Manila
07 October 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

After my brother and I checked out the Galeon Andalucia at the Pier 13 of Manila South Harbor, he told me he'd take me to this part of Intramuros. I never realized that we had to walk from the pier to the walled city, but even if I started having aching legs and feet, I was thankful for the walk, for it wasn't a normal route I had to take. These flowers were actually weeds (or so it seemed), for they covered part of the plants along the road. Seeing that the flowers were pink, I stopped for a while to take some pictures.

For One More Day

02 - Books
07 October 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

I specifically took this picture for another blog meme that posed the question, "What is/are the book(s) that made you cry?" My answer to that was highlighted in this picture. Yeah, I don't have much books. :(


Veggie Noodles

03 - Fall Colors
09 October 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

Our country only has two seasons: Dry and Wet. Since we don't have "fall /autumn," I just had to be a little creative about this item. Since the colors yellow and orange represent the fall season, I just took out the orange and yellow vegetable noodles and pasta in our pantry and made them my subject.


04 - Leaf
10 October 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

More like "leaves," on my take - I saw this while waiting for my brother; he and I will be going to the mall, and since he was taking so long, I just checked our next door neighbor's garden and took this picture. From what I know of, the plant is called "San Francisco," and when I was a kid, some playmates would say that a little branch having 7 or more leaves is considered lucky. Well, this one had 9!


05 - Orange
06 October 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

Papaya is one of my top 3 favorite fruits. Whenever I am sick (flu), my mom would really search the market just to buy me a papaya. Well, I wasn't sick when she bought this; but her seeing a vendor just outside the church, she said she thought about me and she bought the papaya. Sweet!

Now that I know I could hunt 5 items within a week, I am now excited for the upcoming themes!
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