Saturday, October 02, 2010

Orange Hibiscus

I am not updating my Project 365 blog for about a month now, so I decided to transfer posting pictures for Macro Flowers Saturday here on my Photo Blog.


Macro Flowers Saturday badge 2 Today's Flowers

This picture was taken in the weekend market located at the grounds of Lung Center of the Philippines. One of the plants that I always photograph whenever I am there was this big hibiscus, because it was only in that weekend market that I could see something like that. I loved just how big the flowers were, and as pretty as it was in full bloom, I loved it more if it was just about to bloom.

I would love to take home even just a pot of this plant, but whenever I go the weekend market, I have other plans, so I cannot really a pot of hibiscus while I carry on the day. For now, I'd just content myself taking pictures of this beautiful flower.

*** Jenn ***