Saturday, October 02, 2010


Letter Boxes

I am a very sentimental person. I keep as much memories as I can, and these 5 boxes were just a few of the proofs that I really am sentimental. These boxes hold notes, letters, and some small gifts given to me. The boxes were just ordinary boxes (the two ones at the top were shoe boxes), which I revamped by doing some decoupage. The one with the numbers hold letters from elementary and high school friends, the one with business reply cards hold letters and cassette tapes from Doc, the black and white one holds letters and memorabilia from Hanson (the musical band) friends, the one with comics hold letters from my pen friends ...

Letter Box - Inside

... and the big box with designer labels hold letters and small tokens from my college friends. I tried to keep each and every one of them - even the little notes written just to say "hello."

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Letter Box - Card Letter Box - Inside

There were so many good, funny, and inspirational letters in these boxes, and this card was one of my favorites. Given to me by my friend Ronald, who enrolled in our class last semester of second year. We instantly became friends, and one time he gave this to me.
Surrender? No Way! Friends? OK!

February 16, 1998

Dear Jayne,

"I know how the world works... If you jump, I jump..."
(Guess from what movie, I am not even sure if it's the correct and lines though.)

Jennifer, I have always admired your truthfulness and uniqueness. Please stay the way you are. That's the best reason why a lot of people adores you.

Many words have remained unsaid. I may have not be a good friend to you, but rest assured you have touched my heart and you'll remain and always be in my heart and thoughts FOREVER!

Please be my friend.

As this semester ends, it doesn't mean however that it will end from there. But instead, you will begin to spread your wings as you will soon your 18th year of existence on earth.

Enjoy your life. Don't procrastinate. Be optimistic. Be simple. Live a virtuous life. Love life. Love yourself. Love those who love you. Love God. LOVE. Always smile.

I'll be with you.

Your Friend,

P.S. I painted this exclusively for you.
It's really great to know that I have kept this (and the other letters). Re-reading them gave me renewed strength, and the lessons the letters impart still apply even if this one was sent 12 years ago.

I don't receive letters anymore as most messages were sent either through e-mail or through Facebook. While I appreciate the quick messages, I still wish we could go back to the pen and paper thing, so that even if times have passed, we still can re-read the sweet messages given to us.

*** Jenn ***

ps - In case you don't know, the opening quote on Ronald's letter is from the movie, "Titanic."