Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Week 4

After a much needed nap after 10 hours of traveling from Vigan City to Quezon City, plus nearly an hour more of waiting for mom and bro to arrive at the bus terminal (it's their turn to travel), I am now very much okay, and I feel no more headaches. My legs and feet still feel worn out, but it's the kind of pain that I wanted - because it made me feel fulfilled of how much experience I had last weekend.

As for this week's Scavenger Hunt, I am happy to say that I used all fresh photos. Woo hoo! My take:

Fishing Village

#01 - My Town
Bacnotan, La Union
27 October 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

Monday and Tuesday of this week, I was very busy finishing things I needed to finish because I won't be bringing my net book. I wasn't able to take a picture of my town, but I was able to take this - a picture of my other town. My dad hailed from this town, and at one point in my life I lived for more than a year in this town, so I also consider it mine, because I travel to this place numerous times in a year since my dad died (he was buried in a cemetery in the next town).

This image was just a part of the fishing village in Paratong. When we arrived in Bacnotan, my friend Ria and I noticed that the sun was slowly disappearing in the sky, so instead of getting a tricycle to our house, we asked the driver to take us to Paratong Beach to watch the sunset.

The colors in the picture was caused by the orange rays of the sun.


#02 - Something Vintage
Grandpa's Inn
Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
30 October 2010
{Sony Ericsson K800i}

On our last day of "vacation," my friend and I traveled to Vigan City from Bacnotan, and we decided to eat lunch at Cucina Felicitas, located at the grounds of Grandpa's Inn. After lunch, we went to the concierge to check their room rates, and although there was a cheap room, we decided not to take it because it didn't have an en suite bathroom.

These vintage telephone and electric fan were just a few of the many vintage stuff located at the lobby of the inn. It was so amazing!

Tilt Shift Attempt

#03 - Tilt Shift Photography
Thunderbird Resorts
San Fernando City, La Union
28 October 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

I am not good at editing pictures (I don't know how to use Photoshop and I mostly use GIMP for resizing and name-stamping my images), so this picture was processed using the Tilt Shift Maker. This was a picture I took at the board walk in the grounds of Thunderbird Resorts - our last stop before eating dinner on this particular day. Like the first picture, the brownish hues in the picture was caused by the golden sunset. Tides had been very strong in the last few days, and seeing the water splash just made me wait for the splash so I could take some pictures. I got lucky in this particular shot.

Dress Up

#04 - Dress Up (In Disguise)
Vigan Plaza Hotel
Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
30 October 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

My friend (the one in pink) and I were supposed to go to the Empanadaan at the Padre Burgos Plaza, but the flock of people at the back part of the park made us want to check what the commotion was about. We found out that there will be a Halloween Street Party, and when we saw these men all dressed up for the Halloween, we just knew we had to have even just a picture.

I also posed with these men, and when I uploaded my picture in my Facebook, a scrapbooking friend (who hailed from Vigan City) said that the one with the orange wig was her father, and that these men were the City Councilors. Oh cool!

It's so great seeing politicians taking part of a city's festival.


#05 - Chocolate
31 October 2010
{Canon Powershot A1000is}

I am not a chocolate person. I guess having a father who probably had the biggest sweet tooth I've known, I grew up not really eating chocolate candies because my late father would hog most of the chocolates in the house.

When mom and I went to Subic two weekends ago, we also passed by a Duty Free grocery shop and seeing some chocolates on sale, mom just bought one bag of Hershey's Kisses. This picture I just took right before writing this post - although I love eating chocolate laden foods like cake, ice cream, brownies, etc... I just couldn't eat choco candies. I just took one from the bag to take this shot, and after, I sealed the chocolate again and placed it back in the fridge. I am quite certain this bag of chocolates will expire even before my family finish eating the pieces.

I loved this week's items, and I am hoping I will be able to do all 5 items for next week. Thanks for hopping by here.

*** Jenn ***