Sunday, October 03, 2010

Green Vine

I decided to drop my Project 365 blog because I already missed a day, and the whole project is now officially FAILED! I still wanted to join SOOC Sunday, so I will just post the pictures right here in my Photo Blog.

258/365 c2 - Green Vine

I was looking for my picture of the day when I saw some vines in our neighbor's garden. They are weeds I guess, because it somehow ruined their pretty landscaped garden. The curls on the vines took my interest, but it was difficult for my camera to focus. Very thin vine against the wide background, my camera can't make the vine clear and the background blurred.

Still determined to take a picture of it, I placed my fingers behind the vine, which really helped my camera to focus. Seeing that the vine is much clearer on on the LCD, I took the shot. The flash was fired, so the vine appeared bright, and the background was dark.

I love my point and shoot!

*** Jenn ***