Friday, September 02, 2011

Around the Garden

It's been two days since I got home from my out of town trip, but I attended to some things first, so it's just now that I was able to update this photo blog.


The prompt for Foto Friday is "Around the Garden / Yard," and I chose this picture, which I took last Saturday. We were in Cebu that time, and the driver of the van we rented took us to the church of Birhen sa Simala - Lindogon (a Catholic Church), and since it was already noon time when we finished touring the church and saying our own prayers, we decided to eat lunch there first before traveling back to the city. Thankfully, there was a food place near the church.

I finished eating before some of our companions did, and instead of staying seated, I went out of the food place just to check the surroundings. They had a little garden with lots of this flowering plant, and as I focused my camera, I got to see some critters, too.

I only got to take a few pictures, but this shutterbug was very satisfied because aside from the bees, I also got to take pictures of a wasp and an unknown bug.

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