Monday, September 05, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 090411

I was supposed to share this yesterday, but for some reasons, Internet connection was unstable. I was away last Sunday, so it was just last Friday when I learned about the prompts for this week's hunt. For this week, the first four pictures were taken while I was away, and the last picture was take last Saturday.

Here are my interpretations:

Stairs to Chocolate Hills

01. Stairs

This stair would lead to the Carmen Peak of Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Tourists had to take 200+ steps before they could reach the peak, but there were several sheds where guests can take a rest should they want to. Actually, the chocolate hills can be seen even if you don't take the stairs, but of course, the view was just better once you're at the peak.


02. Macro

This picture of butterflies coupling was taken at the Simply Butterflies sanctuary - also in Bohol. There weren't much butterflies that time (because there were typhoons weeks before), but we still had a great visit - thanks to the sanctuary's very jolly and witty tour guide.


03. Clouds

This was taken on our flight back to Manila from Bohol. Taken somewhere in Batangas, this picture was something memorable for me because the plane had to be on stand by as there was heavy air traffic in Manila. The pilot told passengers that we had to be hold on for a few minutes because they weren't given the signal to push through yet, and it was just amazing to see the plane holding its position. After a few minutes, the plane would make a turn, but we always go back to this same position until we were given the go signal to leave the area.

Hinagdanan Cave

04. Abstract

I don't know how to interpret this, but I guess the stalactite and stalagmite formations inside the Hinagdanan Cave is a bit abstract. :)

Popping Balloon

05. Smile

This was the only "smile" picture I had on file - taken last Saturday when we attended the neighbor's kiddie party. This was the balloon popping game - supposedly for kids only, but since there was an extra balloon, they give it to sister, which meant she had to pop it. :)