Thursday, September 22, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 19

Edit Me! Week 19 - SOOC by Deb

This week's photo is provided by Deb of DebDuty. While reading Branson's intro about Deb, Deb's blog badge caught my attention. Next to the vintage-y / 1970s look on images, that's the kind of post-processing I hope to learn - something light and soft, kinda like baby powder.

I do have the Adobe Photoshop CS5 here in my net book, but I still haven't fully committed myself in learning more about it, so I am not sure if there are pre-made actions that would help me get the look I want in an instant. I have bookmarked the Coffee Shop blog, but I still haven't tried if the actions Rita made are compatible with the CS5.

I only have GIMP to use to post-process images, and for this week, I came up with this edit:

Edit Me! Week 19 - Lighten Up Edit

How I came up with this?
  • Scaled image to 640px on the longer end.
  • Ran the Dodge tool.
  • Ran the Ancient Warmth action, then adjusted to Curves to make it a bit lighter.
  • Ran the Urban Acid script, set to 20%.
  • Changed the saturation level to -45.
  • Ran the Summer Heat action, and adjusted the Levels.
  • Added my name stamp then flattened and saved the image.

In case you want to know, the fonts I used were "Smiley Monster" (bigger ones) and "Jane Austen" (script). Personally, I liked the edit. It didn't come out as soft and light as baby powder, but I think it had a hint of morning in it.