Thursday, September 08, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 17

Edit Me Week 17 - SOOC by Jill Samter

This week's SOOC is provided by Jill Samter, who is not only a talented photographer... it was also through her that I looked deep into myself and affirm that I am beautiful in my own special way. :) Anyway, like with the other SOOC pictures provided for the Edit Me! challenge, this was another perfect SOOC that actually didn't need much post-processing, but for this challenge, I came up with this:

Edit Me Week 17 - My Edit

First look at the image and I already felt how vintage it was. My first edit was actually something that focused more on the vintage feel of the image, but I decided to make another edit because I found my first edit quite dark. I decided to share this edit instead because even if there were changes in the colors, it still had a hint of the original colors of the image. I do love to keep the red barn (if it is a barn, correct me if I am wrong) red, the grass green, and the skies blue.

For this edit (as always I used GIMP), I did:
  • Scaled image to 640px on the longer end.
  • Ran the Golden Autumn lomo script (minus the grain, vignette set to 40%, exposure set to 0.5).
  • Ran the Ancient Warmth action, after which, I adjusted the curves because this action kinda makes the image a little darker.
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "yesteryear" texture, set to Multiply at 80%.
  • Flattened and saved the image.
Very easy edit, and I hope you like it.