Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 092511

Yey, am early for this week's post. :) Actually, I was supposed to post this after I eat lunch, but mom asked me to cook snacks for her group because they will do the prayer meeting here... one chore led to another, so it was just now that I can sit down and have my own Internet time.

The first four pictures were taken today, the last one was taken a few days ago. Here are my interpretations:

Low Key

01. Low Key

Like Ashley, I also consulted Google for this. However, I wasn't able to understand the deep terms, so I just made a search on Flickr. From there I just set up this shoot with my cat Oreo, which was so kind to let me violate his privacy (I used the desk lamp as my source of light), but throughout the shoot, there were times that he had to attack either my camera or the lamp.

*Linking this picture to Camera Critters*


02. Monochromatic / Analogous Color

I wanted to make this a selfie, but when I went out of the house to air out the newly washed bed linens, I saw mom's purple shoes. Since the shoes weren't my size, I woke up my sister to ask if she could try to fit her feet into the shoes because I needed to take a picture. My sister's such a trooper... I just gave her a few minutes and she was up and ready to help me take my shot. The umbrella, bag, and shoes (sadly, I chose to share this image, but she did wear the purple shoes, and her other hand was holding the bag) were mom's, the dress was my sister's, the necklace and the earrings were mine. I am not sure what's my sister's favorite color, but mom and I surely loved purple (all shades of it, but lavender is my most favorite shade).


03. Circle

I tried to take a selfie for this prompt - me drinking water from a glass (the glass' bottom is circular) - but I wasn't able to pull it off, so I just took out these pencils and took a picture of the erasers.


04. Scarf

This was an accidental shot. I went inside mom's room to borrow a scarf, and when I got one, sister entered the room and I wrapped it around her and took a test shot. It seemed okay, so I already settled with it. :)

Sony Ericsson K800i

05. Phone

Our land phone didn't look good, and I already shared a picture of my cell phone, so I decided to share an image taken by my cell phone. This was taken during one of our jogging days... sister was able to jog past me and when I met her at the street corner, she showed me this sight. I really, really love the look of the rays (whenever I see one, I always take a picture of it - as long as I have the camera), so even if I had to use the digital zoom, I still did it just to capture this sight.

Night time is now longer than day time, so one of these days, I'd bring my camera so I can take sunrise shots again. :)

See you next week! Thanks for hopping by here.