Friday, September 23, 2011

Path to Heaven

Path to Heaven

The "S-Curve" is this week's prompt, and while I am not really sure if this will pass, I am submitting this as my take on the challenge.

I took this at Colinas Verdes while jogging with my sister. The place attracts many joggers because this proposed housing project still doesn't have houses (though there are many model houses for people interested to buy a unit. Though the place is still bare, roads are already laid out - making it a perfect place to jog. Clean air, less people to ridicule you (well, people there are all trying to be fit so regardless of how you look, it doesn't really matter already) - just you and your willingness to be fit.

My sister and I jog the usual route for a few days, and as our way of shocking our system, we would change routes every weekend. For this particular day, we were able to discover this new route, and stopping for a while to discuss with sis the path we would take (because I jog faster than her), I was in awe of this particular sight - it was like a path going to heaven! :)

This coming weekend, we are about to change routes again, and we might try going to the Clubhouse so I could take pictures of her for this photo contest I am planning to join.