Monday, September 12, 2011

Night (SOOC)

With my mother getting a little "crazy" over Facebook because it allowed her to communicate with old friends again, there will be days that I will be sharing the net book with her, so I am now really trying my best to resize and upload as much pictures I could on my own Facebook page, because I am neck-deep in pictures I need to upload.

Quezon Monument

I am now about to edit September 2010 pictures, and to make my editing easier, I am checking each of the folders and delete all those I didn't want to put in the albums. Reading that this week's prompt on Shoot and Edit / Good to WOW challenge is "night," I decided to go with this picture, which I took exactly a year ago today. :)

I am very much a morning person. With this prompt, I realized 90% of the pictures I have on file were taken during daytime (until sunset). I guess I personally prefer to take pictures during daytime partly because I am using a point-and-shoot camera and we all know most p&s cameras can't handle night shots that well.