Thursday, October 06, 2011

30 Day Challenge | Day 1: Self Portrait

Thanks to my friend Nathalie, I got to learn about this Photo Challenge. Even if I am joining different blog memes, whenever a new one comes out, I just couldn't resist not joining it, especially if it's good, like this one.

Today is my Day 01, and the prompt is "Self Portrait."

I am always taking pictures - I have at least one picture everyday - but since I stopped doing the 52 Weeks of Me challenge, I have stopped taking pictures of myself as well. I guess I have lost interest in having my pictures taken, to the point that even if I am out traveling, I still rarely ask my friends or family to have my picture taken using my camera. Of course, when they ask me to pose for them for a quick photo, I'd be glad to smile for them.

iPod Nano

iPod Nano iPod Nano iPod Nano

This morning, I was surprised to see my Facebook wall flooded with Steve Jobs related posts. Knowing he just passed away sure made people worldwide mourn, but from the messages I read, most were filled with happy memories, that even if they (well okay, we) don't know the person personally, his hunger and his foolishness (I am deriving that from his famous quote, "Stay hungry, stay foolish.") were just two things that connected us to one another.

The iPod Nano is the only Apple product I own. I may possibly not have the financial capability to buy an iPad, iPhone, and iMac, but having this iPod Nano made me part of Steve Jobs' vision and innovation. Thank you, Steve Jobs... for sharing your talent. You may be gone, but your name will be immortal.

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