Thursday, October 27, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 23

Edit Me! Week 23 - SOOC by Wendy

This week's image is by Wendy Wright of Choose Love. I so love how positive her blog is! Anyway, I just find it so cute to have the boys pose with Tinkerbell, their costumes just look adorable! I just wonder whether the costumes were provided for the photo ops or the boys had their own Peter Pan and Captain Hook costumes.

Edit Me! Week 23 - The Sketchy Edit

Getting to this edit is a result of another round of playing around the GIMP settings I have on my netbook. At first, I thought about creating a pencil sketch edit (kinda like those pages of a coloring book), but when I checked the thumbnails of the edits, there's already an edit just that. Of course, I decided to go with a different edit, and coming up with this, I ...
  • Scaled image to 800x600 then made a crop selection of 640x480. I decided to concentrate on Tinkerbell and the boys for this one.
  • Ran the "Forest" action to achieve that greenish tint.
  • Ran the "Roy's Warm" script, set to 25%.
  • Ran the "Retinex Image Enhancement" script, set to low.
  • Ran the "Manny Librodo" sharpening script, adjusting the levels to my own preference.
  • Brushed a layer of the "Burn" tool, set to shadow at 20%.
  • Added my watermark, then flattened and saved the image.

I don't know how to call this edit, but I am a bit happy to come up with this.

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