Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Texture Tuesdays | The Red Edition

Haven't updated this blog for a while... I am just quite busy with many things, but since I wasn't able to do some days of the 30 Day Challenge, I will just start all over again, and will use my personal blog for it.

Okay... it's all about RED for Texture Tuesdays, and here's my take:

* please mouse over to see the SOOC shot *

I took this picture last Sunday while sister and I were eating dinner at KFC (MRT - Ayala). This was actually a ceiling lamp, and is originally red in color. The SOOC looks a bit orange, maybe the light inside was a bit orange in hue. It's a circular lamp, so you'd notice a little gap on the upper right corner in the SOOC image.

Editing the image, I...
  • Cloned and healed some parts of the image to cover up that little space on the upper right corner.
  • Scaled image to 640x480.
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "Cracker Jack" texture, set to screen at 40%.
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "Luminous" texture, set to hard light at 40%.
  • Ran the Manny Librodo sharpening script, using the default settings.
  • Ran the National Geographic script, settings adjusted to my preference.
  • Ran the Ancient Warmth action, then adjusted the levels to make the color a lot deeper.
  • Added my name stamp then flattened and saved the image.

I call this the fabric edit, because I think the final image looked a lot like fabric. :) Well, even if I don't have that much time (I just got home from an event and I am feeling a bit sleepy already), I still was able to come up with a nice edit. :)