Monday, October 03, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 100211

I wasn't busy for whatever reason yesterday, but I was lazy to do anything because I found out I gained back all the 6lbs I lost in a span of one month. I was hurt, but mostly, I was puzzled. The clothes that fit me when I lost the 6lbs still fit me even until now... the slightly showing collar bone is still there, so I am really wondering why I got heavier when my physical body is still the same.

Anyway, I am trying my best to get over it, so before I rant and turn this post into a novel, here are my interpretation to the week's prompts, which is a mix of old and new pictures - as I wasn't able to go out to find subjects because of the typhoons that visited the country last week.


01 - Inspired by a Book or a Movie

It was in year 2000 when the Philippines first had the cellphone with SMS functions. It changed the way people communicate with each other, and for quite sometime, I got addicted sending SMS that I have had countless "text-mates." One of the people I met through this was Lei, a man from the province of Pampanga. I call him an angel because I met him when my spirits were at an all-time low. He told me to read the book, "The Greatest Miracle in the World" by Og Mandino. I only got to exchange messages with Lei for about a month. He just stopped sending messages, making me feel that this angel of mine has already done his purpose.

When I told my dad about the book (I was still a college student and that I was trying to build up a confidence to ask dad for extra money to buy the book), he made a quick response saying, "One of the greatest miracles in the world was to see a brand new day." I agreed with him that time, and I still am agreeing with him now.

I am a morning person, but I rarely see the sunrise because our house is facing west. This picture I took last February.


02 - Brown

Last Saturday, I attended the L'art de la Patisserie (The Art of Pastry) hosted by Enderun College, that featured lots of French pastries, including this one - the Kouglof, a brioche-like coffee cake with lots of raisins. This was lightly sweet, something I really appreciated.

Elliptical Machine

03 - Hazy

In my dreams, I see my room with an exercising machine - either a treadmill or an elliptical machine. It was something hazy - as I know the machine is expensive and I don't know if my room actually have enough space to accommodate it. Still, I am a firm believer that "the universe is working to our advantage," so I dreamt on.

This image represented my dream...

...only that this wasn't a dream anymore, but a reality. Last Saturday, when I got home from the pastry event, I couldn't believe my eyes when my siblings were setting up the machine. Mom bought this for all of us in the family, and I nearly cried seeing it - I knew mom knew I wanted this, but I never expected she'd really buy it (as I didn't ask for any help from her). Christmas came early this year (again).


04 - Coffee or Tea

I took this picture as my photo share for ABC Wednesday's letter A. It was the only A-food I could find that time, so I made a little set up to take the picture. Twining's Apple, Cinnamon, and Raisin tea was so good, it was like eating apple pie and drinking tea at the same time. :)


05 - Linger

After the snails, it's now the caterpillars' turn to infest our garden. I could just eliminate them all, but I decided to let them linger more, as the frustrated biologist in me wanted to see them make their cocoon and see moths come out eventually.

Happy start of the week, everyone!