Monday, October 03, 2011

Be Comfortable with the Ingredients You are Using

I don't get to share that much food pictures for Quotography, so this week, let's all eat!

Fish and Chips

The first time family tasted Fish and Chips, we all fell in love with it that not only did we include it for the annual Noche Buena (Midnight Christmas Feast) tradition, we always put cream dory fish on our grocery list so we could cook this. I don't post my Foodie 365 Project here, but this dish is always there. :)

The family is now used to cooking this dish, but applying what chef Bobby Flay said, we are always finding ways of cooking / serving this dish - we have tried coating the fish with batter, at times we would coat it with breadcrumbs, and we are now testing different dipping sauce for the fish. We've tried the classic garlic aioli, mango-butter sauce, and for this dish above, we served it with caper-mayo sauce.

Cooking may be an art, but it shouldn't overwhelm or intimidate us. Cooking is actually fun and rewarding.

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