Thursday, October 20, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 22

Edit Me! - Week 22 by Kristi

Edit Me! Challenge now has a new home, and for this week, Kristi provided us with this very pretty image. I spent my whole day either exercising or editing pictures, so it was just a few minutes ago when I downloaded and edit this picture, so I didn't really give it that much thought, I just clicked on different menus on my GIMP until I came up with this:

Edit Me! - Week 22 by Jenn

I love black and white portraiture, so seeing the SOOC image, I already knew I'd go for a B/W edit. To arrive at this edit, here were the steps I made:
  • Resized image to 640px on the longer end.
  • Ran the Split Tone script, using the default colors (orange and teal).
  • Ran the National Geographic script, set to my own preference.
  • Ran the Duotone script, set to Soft.
  • Adjusted levels, added my namestamp, flattened, and saved the image.

All the scripts were downloaded at the GIMP Registry, in case you're using GIMP and would like to try out the scripts, too.

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