Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Fence and Some Hibiscus

Sharing images for two memes on this post...

For Tina's PicStory Tuesday, I am sharing this SOOC image for the "Fence" prompt. I took this image last October while vacationing in La Union. My Aunt tagged me along their High School reunion, which took place at a private resort near Paratong Beach. I always liked sunset watching along the shores of Paratong Beach, so when I saw the skies changed colors, I took the time to capture a few sunset images, using the fence (made from cut up bamboo poles) to add a little drama. :) I tried editing this picture, but the image was a little too dark to begin with, so I decided not to touch it anymore.

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Pink Hibiscus Pink Hibiscus

For NatureFootstep's Blo-Ma, I am sharing these two hibiscus pictures I took using sister's new camera: Fujifilm FinePix XP100. She asked cousin Theresa to buy her a waterproof camera before traveling back to the Philippines from England, and when cousin Weng (Theresa's older brother) handed sister the camera, I borrowed it for a while to test its macro function. It was a little too early for Aunt Julie's hibiscus flowers in the garden bloom fully, so I only was able to capture this type of hibiscus.

Image on the left is SOOC, the one on the right was edited using different curves. I was pretty satisfied with this camera and I might buy one for myself so I can capture images underwater, too. For now, I am just hoping my sister would lend me this camera when I need to. :)