Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Stray Yellow Birdie


Here in our place, it is very typical for me to see the little brown birds, which often do some sort of a convention on the big trees nearby. Seeing and hearing them every day (early morning and late afternoon), I am already used to them, so whenever I hear a different kind of tweet, I knew I just have to spot it and photograph it. That was the story behind this little birdie... and I was lucky when I saw it on the top part of the gate. However, as much as I wanted to take lots of pictures, the lighting condition seemed to not allow me.

Luckily, even if it flew, it didn't really flee away for it found a resting place on one of the tree branches in our garden. I couldn't come near it (fearing my presence would scare it), so I just spied on it and found a good way to capture its images through the window.

I will just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Birdie BirdieBirdie Birdie

Isn't it pretty?

Well, the yellow part was quite small, but seeing a different kind of bird every now and then excites me.

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