Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jay and Theresa

Happy Tuesday, everybody! Time for another Textures and Tones here on the blog. This week's prompt is "Love," and even if I just attended a cousin's wedding last Sunday, I decided to share an image from last January - also from a cousin's wedding - because I just love this picture!

This was taken moments after the couple ran towards the main door of the church, where people threw loose rose petals at them. The official photographers asked for a kiss (for documentation), but after the kiss, the groom kissed my cousin again and this was really a candid moment, which I happen to capture within split seconds as some of my cousins (as well as my sister) who took pictures were only able to capture my cousin smiling. I personally love this picture of them because it looked as if my cousin's a model for a bridal magazine (because of the facial expression), which is different from typical bridal pictures wherein the couple is always all-smiles. However, I didn't like the background much - especially seeing my niece Louianne sitting down to raise the gown's train for the official photographs.

Jay & Theresa (Edit)

For my first edit, I first made a selection around the couple, so I could blur the background. Then, I scaled the image to 640 and made a square cut and went on to fully edit the image:
  • Used the "Vintage Film" action using the default settings.
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "Revolution" texture, set to Multiply at 100%.
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "Organic" texture, set to Overlay at 50%.
  • Flattened the image and added watermark.
While eating dinner, I thought of making another edit, which I did moments before making this post:

Jay and Theresa (Edit 2)

Used the first few steps (selection + gaussian blur) then...
  • Used the Black and White Film script to achieve the desaturated effect (choosing Agfa200x)
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "Organic" texture set to Overlay at 100%
  • Erased texture around the couple.
  • Added a layer of Kim Klassen's "Revolution" texture  set to Multiply at 40%.
  • Ran the National Geographic script, flattened the image and added watermark.
Personally, I loved the Desaturated edit more, but I admit I did a sloppy job at erasing the textures, especially on the ruffles of my cousin's gown. I really need to learn how to effectively do that next time.

Scattered Horizons