Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kiddy Rides

Happy Saturday, everybody!

When I was still going to Colinas Verdes to walk and jog, weekends - particularly Saturdays - has got to be my favorite time to enjoy the place because there are just a lot of people walking and jogging... making me feel very motivated and inspired.  I miss the place so much, so for this weekend, let me share two random images I took from one year ago:


This was taken on my way out of the area. Sure, there were a lot of fitness buffs who go there with complete outfit and gears, but there were a lot of people who also go there to enjoy a great morning with family.

Piggy Back Ride

This, on the other hand, was taken near the clubhouse. I actually zoomed in on this image...I was way too far from this mother and daughter, and because I was also walking as I took the picture, I wasn't able to notice that they were already too far right on my screen. I just found it too cute and too sweet for the mom to carry her daughter who probably was already tired, because the distance between the gate and the clubhouse was more or less 2 kilometers.

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