Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pink Flowers

I used to love walking and jogging around Colinas Verdes, a housing project a few kilometers away from our place, but now that they have opened the Clubhouse, I was told that the place now opens at a specific time, thus not allowing fitness buffs to do their very early morning routine around the place. This might mean I have to walk around my own neighborhood from now on, or go to the nearby gym to use the treadmill and/or other equipments.

Pink Flower

What I loved the most about doing my morning walk and jogging around the area was the abundance of subjects to take pictures of. Every time I was there, I always take my camera (either the digital camera or the cell phone, sometimes I carry both) and come home with at least 10 interesting images. Third quarter of last year, I noticed some trees around the clubhouse with pink blooms, and I didn't second guess taking some pictures.

Pink Flower

I don't know the name of the tree, but the flowers look a lot like orchids. Such a pretty one, right? I just am not sure if I was able to capture its real beauty... I always have a difficult time photographing orchids and this one was no different.

Flower in Black and White

To veer away from the usual colored flower, I changed an image into black and white, giving more emphasis on the water drops. It didn't rain the night before and that morning...those are dew drops. Amazing! Well, I find it real amazing because I don't get to see dewdrops that often. {Linking this image to Weekend in Black and White}

I hope the administration of Colinas Verdes will allow people to enter the place as early as 6am, but if they think it's for the best to open the gates at 8am, then I'd say I will miss photographing nature around the area.

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