Saturday, February 16, 2013

Big Sister, Little Brother

Binmaley Park Binmaley Park Binmaley Park Binmaley Park Binmaley Park

Street Photography was never my forte. I remember attempting to do a 365 Strangers Project, but threw in the towel just before February ended. I don't know... there's something about taking pictures of other people that I am not comfortable with, and I actually battled it in my head if I will go ahead and post these images.

These were taken a year ago while traveling with some relatives. We traveled to the province of Pangasinan, and after a whole day of island hopping, we passed by my aunt's hometown to drop off her kids and husband (as she would be traveling back to Manila with us to process her documents). At that time, my aunt's Canadian friend was here in the Philippines, and they were trying hard to let him eat Balut (duck's egg with little chick inside) and barbecued Chicken Feet, reason why were at the park. I don't really eat Balut and I a wasn't in the mood for some Chicken Feet (but I do eat it), so I just sat there, trying to relax for we would be on the road for six hours after this, when these siblings caught my attention.

They were actually beggars, walking around the park to ask for whatever amount they could get so they could eat. They didn't come to us... I just zoomed in my camera to capture their images, because I just loved the innocence and the love they were sharing. The big sister taking care of her small brother... the way they still get to enjoy and laugh and smile despite the hardships they were facing.

Street Photography may not be my forte, but I am really hoping that in the future, I'd take the courage to take pictures of strangers and their surroundings.

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