Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Pesky Little Mosquito

The NF Winged meme is fast becoming a favorite nowadays because it allows me to showcase the winged creatures I was able to photograph, including this little fellow:

Mosquito Mosquito

It looks gross, especially seeing how red and bumpy the tummy was, but believe me, I was really happy to be able to capture an image of a mosquito this close and this clear.

The story behind the picture?
Lately there were a lot of mosquitoes inside the house (despite having screened windows and doors) because I often left the window screen open in my room where my cat goes in and out. This particular day, I was painting my nails which prohibits me from spanking the mosquitoes biting me as well as scratch the itchy bites. I also couldn't open the electric fan to shoo away the mosquitoes (as the air might thicken the nail polish as I apply it on my nails), and I just ran out of mosquito mats for the electric mosquito repellant.

However, one particular bite was quite painful and I couldn't help but spank the area affected to kill the culprit. My nails were still wet, so I didn't spank too hard, more of a tap. I was surprised to see that I didn't kill it, I just did a little damage on one of its wings. Since it couldn't fly, I just placed it on the table, aimed the light of the table lamp and took pictures.

We now sprayed a lot of insect repellant in the house, so the house is now mosquito-free.