Monday, February 25, 2013

The Kind Fisherman

Mondays are usually my lazy days to blog (probably because I often took time outs during Sundays), but I do love today's prompt on Quotography, so I want to be a part of this week's link party.


For this prompt, I went ahead to find the quote first before I search my files for a suitable image. At first I was thinking of sharing an image of a man helping other boat men at the port of Hundred Islands, and while editing it, I remembered this particular image.

For sure I have shared this image and the story behind it on some of my blogs, but let me share it again. In 2009, I was vacationing in my mom's hometown and a boring afternoon made my niece Grace and I decide to walk to Macallawan to catch the sunset and enjoy the beauty of nature.

We saw this man from afar and I took time to capture this relationship of the man to the nature. When we got near him, my chatty niece (she's only 12 years old that time) asked the man a few questions, which led to us exchanging stories. He told us he left a few baskets underwater that morning and came back that dusk to gather the crabs. He wasn't particularly doing it for a living, he was just gathering seafood to feed his family, and although his catch wasn't that much, he still gave me one crab so I can have it for dinner, too. I understood that he has a big family and that I had dinner waiting at home that night (no need for me to be taking a piece of food from their table), but his random act of kindness was something so sincere and touching, that I decided to take it.

His act may be little, nameless, and unremembered for him... but it wasn't for me.